I.   Meerschaum Pipe for fastidious collectors. It is carved carefully and covered with bees wax.


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Meerschaum Pipe

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Meerschaum Pipe

    Those pipes are uniquely carved by hand by Turkish artists. Carved from a soft stone called Meerschaum (Sea Foam) and mined only with in a four mile radius of Eskisehir, these wonderful pipes smoke great and color after smoking.

     Meerschaum's colors through a combination of the heat from the pipe and the wax; as well as the fact that a pipe is basically a filter! Varying grades of Meerschaum color better than others as the more porous stone colors and absorbs better. Today these pipes are hand carved and priced according to size, quality of stone, cleanliness of carving.

  The quality of stone is judged shortly after being mined and is sorted according to size, color, and weight. After being sold in lots the
carvers receive the stone and begin searching for imperfections as well
as determine what shapes would be best represented by each particular
stone. The finished pipe should have a translucent white finish with no chalkiness although sometimes the bees wax will yellow on some pipes.

  Clean carvings are most desirable and directly influence the collect ability of the pipe. The carving should be symmetrical, well balanced, and life like. In face carvings the single most important feature is the eyes. As with any artwork, each pipe should be distinctive, defined, and obvious as to what it portrays. A lot of pipe smokers has own meerschaums and a few of them own only one. If you buy one and learn how to smoke it, you will be hooked.