Karadeniz Kemenšesi

Karadeniz Kemenšesi is a bowed Turkish folk instruments. As can be surmised from its name it is an instrument widely used in the Black Sea Region. Its body is made from mulberry, plum and juniper woods. The wooden part of the bow generally rose wood or box wood. Horse hair is tied to the ends of the bow.

Kemenše is a three-string instruments. While kiriş strings from gut used be put on kemenšes, these days mostly metal strings are used.

Kemenše is an instrument without pitches and and it is possible to get from it all types of chromatic sounds easily. It is generally played by pressing two strings at the same time and getting parallel quarter notes. It is furthermore played with a special technique which is achieved with wrist movements.


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Picture: Karadeniz Kemenšesi