Kabak Kemane

Kabak Kemane is a bowed Turkish folk instument. Shows variation according to regions and its form. It is known that instruments known as Kabak, Kemane, Iklığ, Rabab, Hegit at Hatay province, Rubaba in Southeastern Turkey, Kemanša in Azerbeijan and Gıcak, Gıccek or Gıjek among the central Asian Turks allcome from the same origin.

Its body or the tekne part is generally made from vegetable marrow but wooden ones are also common. The handle is fromhard woods. There is a thin wooden or metal rod underneath the body which is placed on the knee and enables the instrument to move to the left and right. The bow is ade by tying horse hair on two ends of astick. Previously strings made from gut called Kiriş were used which were replaced by metal ones iat the present.

Kabak kemane is an instrument witouth pitches and produces all types of chromatic sounds easily. Its sound sis suitable for long plays and can be used for legato, Staccato and Pizzicato paces.


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Picture: Kabak Kemane