Davul (drum) is the oldest known percussion instrument. It can be in different sizes and is generally used in open spaces on occasions such as weddings, folk dances or differeent ceremonies. It consists of a circular wooden frame and a hoop made from two sknsand covered with skin which is put on the frame with the help of strong strngs or leather ribbons.

It is played while hung on the shoulder with knitted or leather strap. The skin on one side of the drum is thich while the on on the other is thinner. The thin one is made from goat, the thick one from sheep skin. The thick skin side is hit with a tokmak and the thin skinned one with a light wooden stick. It is possible to scan or treble with the thin stick. The drum can either be played hung to the sholder or holding it under the arm and using hands.

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Picture: Tokmak Davul